Periskope is now in Private Beta

Periskope is now in Private Beta

Oct 25, 2023

Why Periskope?

Whatsapp is the lifeblood for most businesses.

Sales teams connect and engage with prospects, account teams engage with customers, ops teams coordinate with partners, vendors and other key stakeholders.

Everything runs on WhatsApp!

As ubiquitous and convenient as it is, most organizations heavily struggle to manage the sprawling mess of official WhatsApp groups. Specifically, organizations face the following issues:

  1. No visibility into which employees are involved in conversations across clients / partners

  2. No ability to centrally coordinate access – addition / removal of employees from groups, switching teams

  3. Loss of context when employees transition, with no systematic mechanisms for handover

  4. Misalignment / disagreements when communications over email don’t align with the discussions on WhatsApp

  5. Hard to track and control sharing of sensitive data / files over WhatsApp groups

These are just a few of the common themes that emerged from our conversations with companies across industries and sizes

We are attempting to solve this with Periskope

Introducing our solution - Periskope Whatsapp CRM platform

Periskope is a CRM platform natively built on WhatsApp to help organizations centrally manage conversations across all official WhatsApp groups. Core features of the platform include:

  1. Whatsapp groups administration – Add / remove members from multiple groups centrally, so exiting employees can be seamlessly transitioned out, and new employees can be transitioned in

  2. Conversation history – Retain chats centrally, so there is no loss of context whenever handovers are required to happen

  3. Bulk messaging – Send bulk messages to all groups e.g. progress updates to clients, important mass notifications to vendors, etc.

  4. Secure your official conversations – Monitor sharing of sensitive documents across groups and get notified of any unauthorized document sharing. Set restrictions (e.g. disappearing messages, deleting unused groups, etc.) to prevent data leakage

  5. Contact management – Track and record important contact info of clients, vendors, partners, other stakeholders from a centralized system (vs disparate numbers across employees)

  6. Integrations – Link your WhatsApp groups and conversations to other internal systems for seamless sharing e.g. pipe conversations to Slack for further action, raise tickets to a feedback system, etc.

  7. Productivity – Raise productivity of your teams by helping them take actions directly on WhatsApp e.g. set reminders of meetings, extract conversations into summaries, etc.

How does Periskope work

We understand that clients don't move to other platforms, and neither do your employees. Periskope is designed to fit seamlessly with your existing operations, with no disruptions or training required

All you need is a central WhatsApp number. Simply, scan a QR to connect it to the Periskope platform. And that's all you need - any groups you add the number to is actually managed from the platform

Our Beta Program

Periskope is currently in private beta. We are working with a small set of customers across hospitality, real estate, BFSI, and healthcare in our beta

If you are interested in joining our beta program, please ping us on WhatsApp. We'd be thrilled to chat

Supercharge your WhatsApp with a powerful CRM, workflow automation and integrations

Supercharge your WhatsApp with a powerful CRM, workflow automation and integrations

Supercharge your WhatsApp with a powerful CRM, workflow automation and integrations